Why 2014 Is The Year To Go Mobile!

Why 2014 is the year to go mobile. Marketing strategies come in many forms. In the past, it was done using simple methods such as giving away freebies, direct marketing and product sampling. These methods became quite popular until the idea of incorporating technology came alive. Nowadays, almost everything is done with the internet and so, conventional marketing gradually migrates to mobile marketing. When mobile phones emerged, it was primarily used for communication purposes. While marketing experts continue to think of innovative ways to promote products and services, they were able to formulate the idea of bringing marketing to mobile phones. Now the question is, “Is this a practical strategy?”

Edge of Mobile Marketing

According to a Forbes article, 6.8B people own a mobile phone. For marketing experts, this market share is huge and the goal of sending a message becomes quite effortless. However, that does not end there. Furthermore, success rate should be determined – how many mobile owners who read the text message are more likely to show interest? Mobile users who read text messages are more likely to spend a few seconds to check the offer. However, what happens next mainly depends on the company’s marketing strategy. People are becoming smarter and smarter and so, they usually respond to offers with rewards to go along.

Tips for Mobile Marketers

Mobile marketing is not yet in the mainstream, but will definitely become “big” in the future. If you want to start it now, remember these simple tips:

  1. Keep your message genuine. Some marketing offers can be misleading and this is one reason why some people do not believe in any of these.
  2. Offer what consumers can really need. Giving people what they want and considering their preferences can be very useful. To do this effectively, know your market well.
  3. Make it easy and convenient to take action. Catching one’s attention is just the start of a good marketing strategy. After such, it is critical that mobile users can respond to the offer easily. Commonly, an offer that is completed in just a “click away” seems to be the most effective.

Do you think 2014 is the best year for mobile marketing? Well, let’s see about that.

Posted by Merrin