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Remember all your passwords

Are you one of those people who write all their user name and passwords in a notebook, or on a piece of paper in your desk draw? Well if you want an alternative, then try Its a website that will remember all your usernames and passwords for you.  You just have to remember the [...]

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The biggest change in fast food isn’t about food – its about your phone

Mobile ordering is taking over the fast-food industry.Do you own a restaurant, take away, fast food place or cafe?  Then mobile ordering is going to change your world. Really. It’s not about the food.  In a world where there is more competition, and more people are searching for information online, the more equipped you need [...]

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5 keys to better SEO in 2016

SEO at times can seem like black magic.. Most non-developers think that its hard work, confusing, and even intimidating. Some web developers won’t even go near it. But if you do it, and get it right, you will get found in areas of Google searches. And everybody wants to win at being on the first […]

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Happy St Patricks Day!

Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all!  It’s a well celebrated day in Australia. It’s almost a public holiday here! What’s the main reason do you think?  Yes, lots of immigrants were Irish.  Yes, we like the Irish culture, and a good drink.  And yes, we do like a good Irish joke.. Google also like […]

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Mobile Websites

Google will begin ranking mobile-friendly websites higher starting April 21, 2015

Google believes you’d want to see more mobile-friendly websites when you do searches on a phone or tablet. So as of April 21, it will start giving websites with mobile versions higher placements on the results page, assuming you’re also using a mobile device. Google’s will also start to use more information from indexed apps […]

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Welcome to video blogging and tips from the Chief Geek!

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Can you turn off technology and escape?

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Bloom Networking and going Mobile..

Tomorrow I am going to another fabulous Bloom Networking event. The Small Business Geeks is the business in focus this month in Rosebud, and I am looking forward to going along and speaking. Its a great networking group if anyone is thinking of joining a networking group. Its a group of really diverse women from the Mornington Peninsula

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The Small Business Geeks SEO Cloud

7 ways to use SEO effectively

Still not sure what SEO or Search Engine Optimisation entails?  You know its something that you need, but are just not sure where to start?  Well you are not the only one.  Its a ever-changing beast that needs to be fed to keep your site found. Here are our top 7 ways that you can […]

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Gorgelicious Store

Recent event – Get online for summer

We recently held an event at The Gorgelicious Store in Red Hill for some local businesses.  It was a great night, and we had a great turnout.  Ria, the cafe owner also put dinner on (or allowed us to have some of what they sell for lunch), so it was a win for her as […]

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Why 2014 Is The Year To Go Mobile!

Why 2014 is the year to go mobile. Marketing strategies come in many forms. In the past, it was done using simple methods such as giving away freebies, direct marketing and product sampling. These methods became quite popular until the idea of incorporating technology came alive. Nowadays, almost everything is done with the internet and […]

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What is difference between Apps and Mobile websites

Although  Apps and Mobile websites are used on a smartphones and tablets, mobile apps and mobile websites are not the same. A mobile application is really a program that’s downloaded and installed onto a user’s mobile phone, whereas a mobile website is only a website modified to tablet and smartphone formats.[…]

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